Pissed Off & Crazed

from by Trocaria

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You've pissed off the wrong bitch, motherfucker.

I have a hair-pinned trigger
Just look at me the wrong way
And you'll be looking at the business end of a lead pipe

The State says I'm fucked in the head--
That I'm crazy as hell
Been locked up in the nut house a few times

But that never seemed to stop my crazy ass
I still keep getting pissed off and
People still keep trying to push my buttons

Well, my "Don't Do That Button" is broken--SORRY!

You get what you ask for

Just ask the cocksucker that got chased
With a Thomas meat cleaver
God damn!
I had a blast!
What a rush!
I think I got myself off!
I bet he won't ever fuck with me again--
What a pussy!

Pissed off And Crazed

Come swinging at me
And I'll come swing a surprise at you--
Ghetto switchblade style, motherfucker
I don't cower like a little bitch
Reality gave me a "Wake The Fuck Up" back in 1994.

My "Do Not Say That Button" is broken

I don't care if what I say hurts your fucking feelings
You didn't give two shits about mine, so...
I will stomp your ass every god damn motherfucking time

You've called me bat shit crazy?
You ain't seen nothing yet, asshole
Bats ain't got shit on me once my blood's boiling...
And it's getting there, my dear

Don't frame me or mine for shit we didn't do--
I might expose you publicly for shit you DID--
And I have evidence.
I will grind you to a bloody fucking pulp

I'm a knife-wielding,
M-9 slashing bitch
I'll grab whatever I can get my hands on

The law doesn't allow me to own guns
Gee, I wonder why?
Maybe I've been IVC-ed a few too many times? hahaha.............................................

Pissed Off and Crazed


from Mors Ab Alto, released December 31, 2016



all rights reserved


Trocaria Charlotte, North Carolina

Trocaria is a one-piece female-fronted dark metal/gothic metal band based out of Charlotte NC (USA).
Trocaria is the alter ego of multi-instrumentalist, Joan (Palmer) Brown. Trocaria is her therapy. It is her bottled up anger, waiting for the cork to pop off. Combine the elements of real-life and wild imagination--and that is the heart of Trocaria. ... more

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