Mors Ab Alto

by Trocaria

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released December 31, 2016



all rights reserved


Trocaria Charlotte, North Carolina

Trocaria is a one-piece female-fronted dark metal/gothic metal band based out of Charlotte NC (USA).
Trocaria is the alter ego of multi-instrumentalist, Joan (Palmer) Brown. Trocaria is her therapy. It is her bottled up anger, waiting for the cork to pop off. Combine the elements of real-life and wild imagination--and that is the heart of Trocaria. ... more

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Track Name: Mors Ab Alto
Skyking is called
Code authenticated
Positions held and activated
"Can-do" attitude

Look up to the sky
See the shining gods?
They will answer all our prayers
All within their time

Don't put your trust in them
They will all forsake you soon
Exploding in midair
To devastate your world!

Tigers let loose
Gear up the steel birds
Load the warheads
Kick the tires and light the fires

Look up to the sky
The shining gods come near
The closer that they come
More questions in fear

Don't put your trust in them
They will all forsake you soon
Run to safety, run to shelter
Mors Ab Alto!

Fighters fangs out
Sights padlocked
Target management

Pillars of fire
Clouds of destruction
Targets hit
Death from above

They fell down from the sky
Angry gods that they were
Our offers did not appease them
Please forgive us, great gods of death

Targets within limits
Civilian casualties
The enemy is paralyzed
By our great gods of death!

Bomb damage assessment
Casualties galore
Mission accomplished
Whiskey Charlie!

When the war was over
Many lives were lost
People fear "Mors Ab Alto"
And what it costs
The shining gods will rain on you
And not discriminate
Nor will they change their minds
To negotiate!

Mors Ab Alto
Death From Above
Track Name: Crawl
Life came crashing down on me
World eroded before my eyes
My hellish nightmare was making his erotic dream come true
Should have known better than to love someone like him

Why did he
Leave me like
A lifeless figure?
Why did I
Fall under
The cast of his
Malicious spell?

Every time I look around
I seem to crawl back
(seem to crawl back)
I seem to crawl right back to you
You can't look me in the eye
You say you're sorry
(say you're sorry)
For all the hell you put me through

"It won't happen again."

I bared my naked soul to his
Thinking that he could be solely trusted
To have it tortured, abused, and exploited
Repeatedly raped by his narcissism

Alone and cold
Lonely and scared
Exposed as who I was
Who could love
Someone so damaged?
Someone who now may never trust?

Every time I look around
I want to crawl back
(want to crawl back)
I want to crawl right back to you
You can't look me in the eye
You said you're sorry
(said you're sorry)
For all the hell you put me though

"It won't happen again."
I know it wont--He just found someone new...

Life is so much better now without him
Even though he he drove me to insanity
I learned to love myself to the point of vanity
So I can do to others what he did to me.

Why do I
Do this to others
As he once did
To me?
Now they all
Fall prey to
The cast of my
Malicious spell

I won't crawl to you
Do unto others as they have done unto you
I won't crawl to you
I am so much stronger than the woman you once knew
I won't crawl to you
I will never be sorry for the things I say or do
Track Name: Suicide 2016
A soul once strong has lost the will to be
Total loss of dignity
Bow to Pharmakos--
His sorcery's now your master
Your downward spiral--
Falling ever faster
Glimpse of hope now doused in misery
I will not follow your iniquity
That bitter powder tears through your thin disguise
I am not blinded by your lies

Lost within the haze
You lead a pathetic existence
Your next fix is the bait
Demise is eminent
Sick twist of thought--
Once thought perverse is now innocent
Your conscience has been erased
What you once loved has turned to hate
But you're blinded by the lie
You are committing suicide

Down-trodden and broken
I had been there once before
Liar, cheater, self-righteous believer--
And a whore
But I am strong than any deity
No longer in your lies do I believe
But you are spited by the lie--
You are committing suicide
Track Name: Pissed Off & Crazed
You've pissed off the wrong bitch, motherfucker.

I have a hair-pinned trigger
Just look at me the wrong way
And you'll be looking at the business end of a lead pipe

The State says I'm fucked in the head--
That I'm crazy as hell
Been locked up in the nut house a few times

But that never seemed to stop my crazy ass
I still keep getting pissed off and
People still keep trying to push my buttons

Well, my "Don't Do That Button" is broken--SORRY!

You get what you ask for

Just ask the cocksucker that got chased
With a Thomas meat cleaver
God damn!
I had a blast!
What a rush!
I think I got myself off!
I bet he won't ever fuck with me again--
What a pussy!

Pissed off And Crazed

Come swinging at me
And I'll come swing a surprise at you--
Ghetto switchblade style, motherfucker
I don't cower like a little bitch
Reality gave me a "Wake The Fuck Up" back in 1994.

My "Do Not Say That Button" is broken

I don't care if what I say hurts your fucking feelings
You didn't give two shits about mine, so...
I will stomp your ass every god damn motherfucking time

You've called me bat shit crazy?
You ain't seen nothing yet, asshole
Bats ain't got shit on me once my blood's boiling...
And it's getting there, my dear

Don't frame me or mine for shit we didn't do--
I might expose you publicly for shit you DID--
And I have evidence.
I will grind you to a bloody fucking pulp

I'm a knife-wielding,
M-9 slashing bitch
I'll grab whatever I can get my hands on

The law doesn't allow me to own guns
Gee, I wonder why?
Maybe I've been IVC-ed a few too many times? hahaha.............................................

Pissed Off and Crazed